Biscom SFT Java Update: For all SFT Customers


Important: Recent Java updates may cause problems uploading and downloading files with Biscom Secure File Transfer Server. (Previously known as Biscom Delivery Server, BDS)

Changes to the Java Runtime Environment released by Oracle have caused issues for users uploading and downloading files. Our recommendation is to disable the applet – this will revert SFT to utilize the standard file upload and download capability for all users.

Problem Overview:

The latest update of Java on the client (JRE) is causing problems with SFT – and may prevent files from uploading or downloading properly, or may cause the applet to stop working altogether. If you do not use the applet for uploading or downloading, this problem does not affect you.

Solution Recommendation:

Disable the applet in the Server Configuration page. Senders will see the standard file upload and download options. Please note that there is no reduction in the security of the application by disabling the applet.


SFT version 4.3.1029 is now released which will fix the Java issue for clients who have upgraded to the latest Java 7 update 51 version which was released on January 14, 2014. Clients with older versions of Java however will continue to have problems. For this reason, we are recommending our customers to turn off the applet completely.

Steps to turn off the applet:

1. Log into SFT as a System Administrator or root

2. Go to: Home > System and User Administration > Server Configuration

3. Expand Package Settings and set the Allow applet for upload and download to No.


Biscom will update this page regularly are they find more information on the issue and possible remedies:

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