Biscom Secure File Transfer Features

Biscom SFT is an enterprise secure file transfer solution that enables users to send files, documents, and messages securely while maintaining a complete transaction and audit trail. Business benefits include fewer help desk calls to support FTP, elimination of email attachment issues, reduced overnight delivery service costs, and faster, more secure delivery of critical documents and files.

Because SFT balances an organisation’s need for security – encrypting large files and documents at rest and in transit – without requiring knowledge workers to change their accustomed business processes and workflows, workers can manage their own secure and large file delivery needs.

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How it Works

Using SFT to send files securely is as easy as using web-based email, but with the ability to control how and when your files are received and accessed.

How BDS Works


Step 1: Creating a delivery

  • add email addresses of your recipients
  • enter a subject for your delivery
  • add your files
  • optionally enter a secure and notification message
  • optionally set delivery dates, secondary passwords, notification options
  • Send your message

Step 2: Processing the delivery

  • The message and files are uploaded to the SFT server, scanned for viruses, and encrypted.
  • An email notification goes out to the recipients in clear text email with an embedded hyperlink

Step 3: Receiving the delivery

  • Recipients receive a message in their email inbox with an embedded hyperlink. Recipients click on the link and enter their email address and password. First time users register and create their password.
  • Recipients can view the secure message after successful authentication, and also download files
  • Recipients can optionally reply securely to the sender with attached files.

Step 4: Notification

  • The sender receives an email read receipt.
  • All transactions are logged in a SQL database, and reports can be run for audit and compliance requirements.

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