Secure File Transfer Mobile App Released by Biscom


As the bring-your -own -device (BYOD) movement gathers stronger acceptance in the business community, Biscom recently announced availability of its secure file transfer mobile app for Android devices.


The Biscom SFT mobile app allows users to send and receive messages and files securely, eliminating potential risks of data breach from using email or unsecure file sharing services for mobile document exchange.

“Corporate IT departments are struggling with the burden of supporting personal mobile devices used for business purposes. Of particular concern is protecting confidential and personally identifiable data downloaded to these devices.  One challenge is delivering mobile security technology that is easy to use to facilitate user adoption. Our design objective for the Biscom SFT mobile app is to protect confidential data and support regulatory compliance while offering a simple interface for mobile users,” said Bill Ho, president of Biscom.

As easy to use as email, the Biscom SFT app enables initiation of a secure file transfer from Android phone and tablet apps such as email, PDF readers, and cloud storage providers. The new app can be found on Google Play and the Amazon app store for Android.

Also available for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is fast becoming a common sight in businesses as more people embrace the increase in mobility that these devices provide. To support the more mobile needs of business people who leverage tablets like the iPad, Biscom created a native iPad client that enables users to view received deliveries. Using the iPad client is no harder than using the iPad email client. From the icon, you can also see if you’ve received any new deliveries – when you do, simply tap the icon and view your secure messages and files.

Users can open files using the built-in internal iPad viewer. Users can also open files in third-party applications that specialise in a specific file format, such as PDF readers and annotation applications. The iPad client also enables users to send files out through their BDS server while on the go.

While these devices have increased the ability to travel with your important documents, they have also increased the risk of exposing potentially sensitive or confidential information. Biscom SFT encrypts all files on the iPad automatically to protect your documents in case your iPad is lost or stolen.



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